Curtis Amanda


Amanda Curtis is a PhD student in the lab of Dr. Eric R. Larson in the Program in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology. Her research examines factors that determine environmental DNA (eDNA) detection and seeks to use eDNA as a tool for conservation biology.

Jorge San Juan


Jorge San Juan is a PhD student at UIUC studying flow-aquatic vegetation interaction and its effect on sediment transport in oscillatory environments. His research interest aligns with ecohydraulics and ecomorphology: investigating relationships between aquatic ecosystems and hydrodynamics. Jorge is from Colombia, obtained his BA in civil engineering from Universidad de Cartagena and obtain his master degree from UIUC in civil and environmental engineering.

Yvonne Gu


Yvonne Gu is a PhD student in Landscape Architecture. She asks, “Instead of bigger pipes and deeper tunnels to cope with flood, what are landscape architects doing for a resilient floodscape?” This research includes a general framework for resilience evaluation, and a meta-analysis case study of landscape architecture projects in the Netherlands.

Kelley Goncalves


Kelley studied Veterinary Medicine in Brazil at Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM). She obtained her master's degree in Microbiology at UIUC and now she is doing her PhD in biochemistry. She is very passionate about virology and microbiology and she has been working on understanding the inactivation mechanisms of waterborne viruses with different disinfectants since 2015.