Friday, April 8 <br> 1:00pm @ <br> NCSA Lobby <style="font-size:40px">Short Talks on<br><style="font-size:45px"> <b>Water & Jobs</b> <style="font-size:40px">Present Your <br> Work at the<style="font-size:35px"><br>Poster Session</font>

What is Illinois Water Day?

University of Illinois IWRA Student Chapter established Illinois Water Day (IWD) in 2014, inspired by the United Nations’ World Water Day, a global recognition of the importance of safe, clean and abundant water resources across the world.
IWD promotes the themes and values of World Water Day by raising public awareness of water resources issues, and aims to provide a thought-provoking environment to foster discussions and collaboration regarding local water issues.

Register to attend, it's free!

Everyone is welcome to attend Illinois Water Day! Please register for the event by filling out this form. Registration is used to estimate attendance, plan refreshments, and share information about speakers and event details. Please join us for thought provoking talks and discussion, connect with other groups working on water, and help show how Illinois is making a difference! Email us at waterdayillinois @

Present your work!

The Illinois Water Day poster session is a space where campus and the community can share projects across all fields related to water. Share your work with water at Illinois Water Day! Register now to present a poster at the poster session. Posters are due on April 4th to qualify for funding assistance.

Illinois Water Day 2016

IWD 2016 will be held on April 8th with the theme Water and Jobs. Four short talks each focuses on a different aspect of the main theme, and will be followed by a panel discussion and poster session.
This year, we also developed an outreach component as part of our event where IWD members reach out to local schools to promote awareness of water related issues.